esgResilience Oy joins the Venture Capital community

Venture capital industry plays an important societal role in supporting business growth and development, especially for startups. Their provision of funding and expertise often serves as a determining factor for the success of new enterprises.

The Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) acts as an advocacy and influencer organization for the venture capital industry. Its mission is to promote ethical standards within the sector, offer high-quality research and education, and serve as a voice of expertise for the industry.

esgResilience Oy’s joining the venture capital community opens an opportunity for our company to actively participate in the development, discussion, and competence development of the industry. We find it a valuable opportunity to share our expertise and participate in the discussion on the development of responsible investment practices.

“The Finnish Venture Capital Association provides our company with a valuable forum for networking and cooperation with other actors in the industry”, comments Juha Ketola from the esgResilience team.

“We are ready to share our expertise and actively participate in the discussion on the future of responsible investment. In addition, the esgResilience service we have developed provides private equity investors with a cost-effective tool for mapping, analyzing, and reporting the ESG factors of portfolio companies. We have already had several constructive discussions with fund managers on this theme.”

Strong start to cooperation with a joint webinar
Our collaboration took off swiftly in February, with the expertise of the esgResilience team playing a central role in a webinar organized by the association focused on ‘Incorporating ESG factors in valuations and value creation’. At the webinar, guest speakers and experts included esgResilience’s Board member, Assistant Professor Hanna Silvola from Hanken School of Economics, as well as the company’s founder and CEO, Jukka Honkaniemi.

The selection of the topic was driven by tightening sustainability regulation and increasing stakeholder demands for better integration of sustainability assessment. Increasing ESG data provides more comprehensive information that enables in-depth analysis of the risks and opportunities for portfolio companies. However, focusing on material ESG issues and moving away from mandatory reporting towards data-driven risk management and value creation requires new practices. The webinar covered, among other things, the role of financially material ESG issues, consideration of stranded asset risks, and practical advice for private equity investors on understanding and utilizing ESG data in investment analysis.

The topic’s relevance was evident from the participation of over a hundred association members in the webinar, highlighting its timeliness and importance. This provides us with an excellent foundation to continue active discussions and collaboration in advancing the expertise of industry stakeholders. We are committed to fostering this fruitful dialogue and collectively driving the progress of the industry.

A recording of the webinar and presentation materials are available on the association’s member pages.

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