Assess your emissions and climate risks

SME, increase your understanding of the climate impact of your business with our esgResilience service. You will be equipped with a tool for emission calculations and climate risk assessment.

Understanding and managing the climate risks in your business will strengthen your ability to change and ensure future success.

Take control of your climate risks

Ensure your green growth

For SMEs

Your climate risk profile and activities will increasingly influence access to finance, customer and supplier relationships.

For financial institutions

Legislation and climate commitments require financial institutions to provide more detailed information on the climate risks of loans and investments.

About us

esgResilience is a service developed by Honkacapital, a specialist organisation in green finance and sustainable business.

esgResilienssiarvioinnin leima

Contact us

Act today and contact us. We can help you manage your climate risks and strengthen your resilience.

Ensure your capacity for change


Review the taxonomy robustness of your business and thequickly and easily identify the emissions and climate risks of your business.


Is your business sustainable? Compare your performance against sectoral and country-specific climate targets.


Based on the results, create clear objectives, implementation plans and messages for your key stakeholders.

SME, assess your risk profile!

Act today and ensure the sustainability of your business in the future.

Financial institution, take control of your risk profile!

Act today and ask for a demonstration of esgResilience.

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