Succeed with Sustainability

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Begin your sustainability journey by assessing your emissions, climate risks, and other key ESG factors.

esgResilience offers SMEs and housing companies an easy-to-use and cost-effective SaaS-based service for emission calculation and sustainability assessment, analysis and reporting.

Based on the results, you can set goals, develop action plans and communicate with stakeholders.

esgResilience also offers financiers and investors unique partnership opportunities for mapping and reporting ESG data of SMEs and housing companies, aligned with financial sector regulations and standards.

Take control of your ESG risks

Ensure your green growth

For SMEs

Your climate risk profile and ESG activities will increasingly influence access to finance, customer and supplier relationships.

For banks

Regulation and climate commitments require banks to provide more detailed information on the climate and other ESG risks of their clients and loan portfolios.

For venture capital investors

EU's Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) requires the consideration of ESG risks and principal adverse impact indicators in investment processes.

esgResilienssiarvioinnin leima

Begin your sustainability journey!

Act today and contact us. We can help you manage ESG risks and strengthen your resilience.

Ensure your capacity for change


Assess the taxonomy alignment of your business and map out your business’s emissions, climate risks, and other ESG factors with ease.


Is your business sustainable? Compare your performance against sectoral and country-specific climate targets.


Based on the results, create clear objectives, implementation plans and messages for your key stakeholders.

Our partners

Citrus is a builder of digital services.
Creative, independent thinking and impeccable technological expertise guide what we do.
As a result, we create user-friendly and intelligent services. Our award-winning myGDPR Service is a true Data Protection pioneer, dedicated to help organisations meet Data Protection Requirements of today with ease.

Aura Cloud AB is a Swedish startup providing a nextGen core banking platform as SaaS service for banks and fintechs. The cloud native Aura core banking solution is an API –first, robust, modular nextGen platform with broadest functionality available. Aura platform is highly efficient, hyper flexible, fast to implement and easy to integrate. Aura is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 Certified.

We are an associate member of the Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA). The FVCA is the common voice of the venture capital industry in Finland, focusing on lobbying, providing high-quality research and active communication.

We are a collaborative member of the Finnish Transport and Logistics Association (SKAL). SKAL is an advocacy organization for road freight transport and logistics service providers, with about 4,000 transportation companies across Finland as members.

esgResilience is part of the Microsoft startup community. The Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub helps startup companies innovate by providing artificial intelligence services, guidance, and key technology needed to build future growth companies.

Climatiq is the world’s leading emissions factor database based on scientifically vetted models. We utilize the expertise of the Climatiq organization, their extensive databases, and verified emission factors for assessing and calculating our clients’ carbon footprints.

SME, assess your risk profile!

Act today and ensure the future sustainability of your business.

Engage with your business partners on ESG!

Act today and book a esgResilience demo with our experts.

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