Benefits of the service for venture capital investors

  • EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Requirement (SFDR) reporting with consistent portfolio company Principal Adverse Impact (PAI) indicator data
  • Supporting portfolio companies in ESG competence and strategic development
  • Assists in identifying and planning green and sustainable investment opportunities
  • Supporting the collaboration of owners, boards, and management teams in developing sustainable business practices.
  • Supporting investor and stakeholder communication with consistent data and portfolio analytics

How does the service work?

The focus on ESG reporting in the venture capital industry will be further emphasized, especially with the impact of the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Requirements (SFDR). The challenge, however, is the lack of relevant sustainability data for SMEs, where the reported data are based on estimates or differently derived sustainability data. esgResilience enables the reporting and collection of high-quality sustainability data on portfolio companies, based on the latest regulations and sustainable finance standards. esgResilience provides a cost-effective tool for venture capital investors, improving the quality of sustainability reporting and supporting investors’ work on sustainability and the green transition.

The venture capital investors asks its portfolio companies to report their data to esgResilience. The investor receives emission data, EU taxonomy information and other SFDR PAI indicators of the target companies as a ready-to-use portfolio report, depending on the purpose.

Investors can also receive a company-specific ESG report to support their activities, if desired. The implementation is customized on a project-by-project basis, and we support VC investors and their portfolio companies according to their needs

esgResilience and venture capital investors

There are 3,700 venture capital investors in the European Union, targeting the SME sector. SMEs generate a significant part of the economic value added and climate impact of the business sector. Despite this, SMEs lack incentives to understand their climate risks.

esgResilience aims to enhance the dialogue on sustainable business development between venture capitalists, governments and business leaders through reliable ESG and climate risk data.The information provided by esgResilience enables SFDR reporting and is consistent with the CSR requirements (CSRD) and the banks’ ESG risk reporting requirements (CRR P3 ITS). The SFDR PAI indicators that are relevant for venture capitalists are comprehensively included in the service.

esgResilience is a cloud-based intelligent sustainability data and reporting service enabling the promotion of a significant sustainability-oriented investment culture.

Strengthen your investment portfolio through ESG themes!

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