Benefits of the service for banks

  • Climate risk mapping of loans and investments in line with reporting requirements
  • Efficient and harmonised data collection on SME emissions and EU taxonomy
  • A scalable service to map data for a wide range of customers
  • Analytics to support green financing and advisory services

How does the service work?

The bank can request the SME to report its data to esgResilience. The Bank receives the corporate emissions and EU taxonomy data via the API interface or as a ready-to-use portfolio report, depending on the purpose.

The bank will also receive a company-specific climate risk report to support green financing and advisory. Implementation is customized on a project-to-project basis and we support ESG, sales and risk management teams as needed.

esgResilience and banks

In the European Union, SMEs generate a significant part of the economic value added and the climate impact of the business sector. Despite this, SMEs lack incentives to understand their climate risks. We aim to be part of the solution by providing SMEs and SME financiers with reliable climate risk mapping. Engaging SMEs on their climate impact is vital to achieve a rapid green transition and mitigate the effects of climate change.

esgResilience aims to enhance the climate debate between SMEs and banks by providing reliable climate risk data on SMEs. The information provided by the esgResilience service is consistent with EU taxonomy legislation and the GHG protocol. Our service enables reporting in accordance with CRR P3 ITS, Article 8, SFDR and ESRS requirements. The analytics and information we produce serves the needs of SME financiers, including banks, leasing companies, crowdfunding services and venture capitals.

Engage with your customers on ESG!

Act today and ask for a demo of esgResilience!

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