Privacy policy

Name of the register
Customer register, cookie register

Honkaniemi Capital Oy, 3098603-4
Hiiralantie 15, 02160 Espoo, Finland

Contacts relating to the register:
Marja Honkaniemi

Purpose of processing
The purpose of processing personal data in the customer register and the cookie register is to develop the service in cooperation with customers, to collect information for the sale and marketing of the service, to develop and grow the business. Data is also collected to provide valuable data for assessing the emissions and climate risks of SMEs.

Legal basis for processing
For the customer register, the legal basis is consent. By submitting a request for contact, the customer consents to the processing of her/his data. By using the service, the user accepts the terms of use, which in this situation can also be interpreted as a contract.

By accepting cookies, the user also consents to the processing of his/her personal data in this respect.

Data content of the register
When the customer contacts us to activate the service, their name (first name, last name) and email address will be recorded. The information also includes a telephone number, if the customer provides it. For user IDs, in addition to the information mentioned above, information about the customer’s company (such as company name) is stored. The customer’s title may be recorded, if the customer provides this information.

The cookies used on the website may possibly record the user’s IP address. The controller does not regularly monitor cookie data for ip addresses.

Data sources
The personal data in the customer register is obtained from the customer himself when he sends a request for contact. Information about the company may be collected from a public register.

Disclosure of data to third parties
As a rule, customer data is not disclosed to third parties. If the relationship leads to invoicing, we will provide the customer’s data to the outsourced accounting department for invoicing purposes. In the case of cookies, no information is passed on.

Transferring data outside the EU or EEA
No customer or cookie data is transferred or archived outside the EU or EEA.

Data storage
Customer and cookie data are stored for as long as their use corresponst to the purpose for which they are used. If the customer’s relationship with us ends or if the customer himself requests the deletion of his data, the data will be deleted without delay.

Principles of protection
The registrar guarantees that it has secured the personal data of the registers in an appropriate technical manner. The processing of personal data is subject to limited access rights and requires the use of a username and password.

Rights of data subjects
In accordance with the GDPR, the data subject has the right to.
– have access to their own data
– request the deletion of their data
– restrict the processing of their personal data
– request the transfer of their data to another controller
– receive further information about the processing of their personal data

If the data subject wishes to exercise his or her rights, he or she may contact the controller.
You can contact us by e-mail at .

This Privacy Policy has been reviewed and updated on 10.3.2023.

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